Festa del Redentore




Festa del Redentore is a traditional festival in Venice celebrated on the third Sunday of July, with focus on the island of Giudecca.

The Feast of the Redeemer is the event that recalls the construction by order of the Venetian Senate (September 4, 1576) of the Church of the Redeemer as a votive offering for the liberation of the city from the plague in 1575-1577, the scourge that killed more than a third of the population of the city in just two years.

At the end of the plague, in July 1577, it was decided to celebrate the annual effective liberation, with a votive bridge.

This celebration becomes a tradition, still active after almost five centuries. The Saturday before the third Sunday of July (not always the third Saturday)

a long votive bridge of boats, set up on the Giudecca Canal connecting the island with the Zattere near the Church of the Holy Spirit, allow the Pedestrian to reach the Church of the Redeeme